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Logistic & Warehouse Management

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Cravingcode Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a cloud ERP specializing in
supporting the day to day operations within a warehouse. The application does this by
allowing the users to have a centralized system where different warehouse management
tasks are managed through an interface on a handheld device or a tablet working in the
warehouse or a desktop in the office. This makes running a warehouse both efficient and
easy, and also ensures that minimal if any losses occur in the different warehouse

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About This Service

The RFID-WMS software helps to achieve better inventory control, as well as to improve operational efficiency. To this purpose, it automates the manual warehouse operation and provides tight integration with current warehouse management system (WMS). In this system, RFID tags are embedded in the pallets and shelves. In addition, forklifts are equipped with the intelligent terminal as well as RFID reader and antenna to support automatic data scanning and storage location checking. Moreover, a middle layer software component is designed to facilitate the communication between WMS, portable terminals and forklift terminals through wireless LAN. Besides, it also supports additional powerful functions such as forklift scheduling, picking sequence management and 3D shelves monitoring. The design of the system makes full use of the existing types of equipment and facilities and has the feature of low cost and quick in action.

What drives our ERP great results

Courier Feature

  • Product and Services
  • Zone & Rates Management
  • Contract Management
  • Way Bill Enrty
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Mis Report
  • Access Roles

Warehouse Service Feature

  • Material Management
  • GRN Generation
  • MRO Generation
  • Palette Management
  • MIS Report

Tracking Feature

  • Palette Identification
  • RFID Tag Integration
  • Inward Tracking
  • Outward Tracking
  • Rack / Bin Mapping
  • MIS Report


  • Packaging Material Inward
  • Material Consumption Report
  • Material Procurement
  • Material Billing (BOM)
  • Accurate Stock Reports

Courier Service

Warehouse Management

Inventory Tracking -RFID


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